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Just like humans, the lawn needs vitamins/nutrients to fight off disease and stay green and healthy. We recommend a six-step program to keep your lawn looking green, healthy, and weed free. Our fertilizer has slow-release granules that will feed your lawn more effectively and reduce nitrogen runoff. With more nitrogen available to the grass roots, your lawn will stay greener longer.

After visiting your property, our trained and licensed technicians will send a post-application email. This will tell you exactly what was done to the property each time. To take full advantage of this program, you can also pair it with dethatching, aeration and overseeding.

Fertilizing your lawn is an important part of maintaining a healthy, attractive-looking yard! Our fertilizers provide the healthy nutrients that grass needs to thrive and also help it resist the harmful impacts of bugs, pests, and plant-based diseases.

The nutrients contained in fertilizer take some time to be absorbed by the grass in your yard. Usually, this process takes between 24-48 hours to complete, so avoiding use for a couple of days is a good rule of thumb.

There’s two great times to fertilize your lawn: in the early spring or during fall. This will ensure your grass receives the nutrients it needs during its peak growth seasons, all while heading off weeds before they sprout.

Our staff is professional, uniformed, and highly vetted to ensure that your property is being visited only by friendly and reliable employees. We’re fully insured and licensed and process payment quickly with simple invoices.

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