Fertilization/Weed Control

6 Step Professionally Crafted Program

Recommended Full Year Program 

– Early Spring Starter: Slow-release granular fertilizer to get the lawn off to a great start after the long winter months.  

– Crabgrass Control: Liquid application of crabgrass control for better coverage and effectiveness.  

– Late Spring/Early Summer Enhancement: Slow-release granular fertilizer to provide much needed nutrients and green up during the growing season. Blanket application of weed control for the best coverage possible of broadleaf weeds.  

– Summer Preparation: Slow-release granular fertilizer to give the lawn the nutrients needed to withstand the stressful months of summer with spot weed control as necessary.  

– Fall Weed Control: Blanket weed control for best coverage. Controls all broadleaf weeds for the remainder of the season.  

– Fall Enhancer/Winter Preparation: Slow-release granular fertilizer to build strong root system before going in to the dormant months of winter.  

Optimum Fertilizer Performance

–Slow-Release Technology– Stabilizing nitrogen release into the soil is key. The slow-release feeding will provide uniform growth, a better-established root system, and an overall thicker healthier lawn. The nutrients are released as the plant needs it and are less likely to leach into waterways, which is in the end better for the environment.  

–Organic Fertilizer Sources– Combining organic, nutrient-rich nitrogen fertilizer with other natural sources to give the best overall performance. Enriching the soil with organic matter with improve the overall health of the soil. Also, having a renewable resource will conserve disposal costs thus being better for the environment.  

Nutrient Rich– Not only is our fertilizer rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, the two main essential nutrients for your lawn’s growth and health, but it also contains micronutrients as well.  

  • Optimize soil structure to increase soil fertility 
  • Stimulate root growth to improve nutrient uptake 
  • Increase turf’s ability to withstand stress 
  • Helps maintain chemical balance in soil to improve water retention