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What are lawn grubs? Just one example of grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. They are small, white, c-shaped insects. Grubs can cause significant damage because they feed on grass roots while young and then hatch into beetles. The beetles feed on plants and flowers, laying their eggs back into the lawn. Those eggs hatch into grubs in fall and the whole cycle repeats again next spring.

How Can I Tell if my Lawn Has Grubs?

One sign is if your lawn has irregular areas of wilting or brown grass. Be cautious not to confuse this with either drought stress or pet damage. A second sign is having areas of lawn dug up by wildlife such as skunks or raccoons. These animals may be feasting on the grub buffet down below the surface. Another way to determine if you have a grub problem is to lift up a piece of turf. Since the grubs feed on grass roots, the lawn will have a weaker root system and lift up like a carpet. You would then be able to see little white grubs down below. If you have any of these signs it’s time to get a grub treatment plan started with the professionals at Healy & Son Lawn Care LLC.

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