Mulch Services

We have extensive experience, so our experts will calculate, deliver, and spread the mulch on your site in the shortest possible time and at a high level.

What the Mulch Is

Try this useful and sometimes irreplaceable thing.

Mulching is the process of covering the soil’s surface to protect and improve its properties to maintain a healthy microflora.

Not everyone knows what the mulch is, but it is a very effective agricultural technique. Although many are dismissive of this procedure, believing that there are many worries with it, but little benefit.

If you understand the functions of mulch, it becomes clear that it is a very effective way to maintain your garden healthen, and it greatly facilitates the care of the plant during its ripening.

Our professionals will share the technique tested through years as mulching has been used in our country since ancient times when people mainly spread the straw on the ground. We will help you cove the beds’ surface from heat and cold, from pests and pathogens.

What We Offer

Healy & Son Lawn Care offers you mulch delivery and mulch spreading services. We will support you at any time if you have questions and make your lawn healthy.

What We Offer

In addition to being easy to use, mulching is also a very effective method that allows you to achieve the following results:

  • A sufficiently broad layer of mulch reduces the growth of weeds several times.
  • Landscape mulch services reduce the amount of watering since moisture and microflora are retained under the mulch.
  • Using mulch allows you to loosen the soil less often because the topsoil remains loose
  • It also protects the soil from the sun’s rays in summer and snow and frost in winter. The land remains protected from sudden temperature changes and the plant – from death, which is especially important for perennial plants in a harsh winter.
  • Mulch services protect the plant from many infections. Pathogens most often live in the soil, and mulch is a barrier protecting the plant from bacteria.
  • It has a beneficial effect on soil quality, as it protects the soil from erosion, leaching, freezing, and crust formation.

When Landscape Mulch Services are Necessary

Mulching is a perfect decision in spring when the snow melts and the ground is saturated with spring rains and warmed up by the rays of the sun. Spring mulch services protect the root system from overheating and the soil from drying out and weathering, but autumn mulching is equally essential. In autumn, when rains sufficiently moisten the ground, mulch is laid on the beds to protect it from the soil’s freezing.

Still, searching “mulch near me”? Stop doing it and entrust your lawn to the Healy & Son Lawn Care specialists!